Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the most promising technologies leveraging massive data to assist or even replace human intelligence in complex system modeling and decision-making based on them.

Also with a view to reducing food fraud, a team of researchers from Fera Science in the UK conducted a research project called Food Integrity to develop a food fraud detection system.

The system uses artificial intelligence and was designed to think like fraudsters. It detects supply chains that can be exploited in the future. It analyzes a wide range of factors, such as data from more than 5,000 products sold in 200 countries, to identify abnormal financial signals such as irregular prices and quantities.

The researchers then used automatic algorithms to distinguish between normal and abnormal fluctuations in the market. The model has been tested against known cases of actual food fraud and the system has correctly predicted 80% of actual fraud. Such systems can be expected to be rolled out in the coming decades by the authorities to detect food fraud.

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