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Our partners

Altus is proud to partner with partners of choice to deliver a full range of services to meet the needs of the food industry.

Consultant in Process Improvement, Operational Efficiency and Regulatory Compliance

I am very happy to be one of Altus Technology’s partners!

The complementarity of our expertise and the shared passion we share for the food industry are the basis of our commitment to rigorous and quality work.

Improved processes, operational efficiencies and regulatory compliance are all used to propel businesses to new horizons. The devil is in the details but reducing production costs, improving yields and reducing losses too.

Quality is the source of success, so make it a good habit!

As a biochemist by training, I work as a catalyst by minimizing the energy and effort required to reach your goals. My job is also to preserve your assets, build on your strengths and good moves while maximizing the use of existing resources before adding new ones.

I invite you to visit without further delay, to take the path of continuous improvement that will allow you to achieve your goals and more.

Martin Michaud, Biochimiste, Chimiste, Biologie


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