Social media

The latest technology and not the least to be considered in cases of food fraud is social media. In the Dalhousie University study mentioned above, more than 40% of individuals reported discovering their fraudulent food product through social media and less than 20% through a public recall. Consumers who have been victims of food fraud have claimed to trust more consumers than industry or regulators to show how fragile public trust in our institutions can be. Social media plays an undeniable role. Every actor in the industry will face the decision whether or not to integrate social media into their communication and food security strategy. Winners will be those who will find a way to take advantage of it or offer added value, while securing the consumer.

Fighting food fraud is just one of the many fields of application of the mentioned technologies. Many other facets of safety are likely to be impacted by the advent of these new technologies. This puts an end to our Food Safety and Technology of Tomorrow series, a real solution. We hope you enjoyed it. Leave us your comments, we will be happy to answer!


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