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All of our sensors feature wireless communication and provide years of independent battery operation. They are affordable, easy to install and require no physical connections. 


Temperature Sensors


Capteur de Température (Sans-Fil)

Once installed, our sensors permanently measure air, water or glycol temperature, as well as food temperatures at key points in the transformation process. Used in combination with temperature monitoring devices already in place, these sensors provide redundancy, giving you a reliable measurement even when a temperature monitoring device or probe becomes defective. 


Humidity Sensors


These sensors measure air moisture content at the tip of a probe. They are ideal for use in measuring humidity levels in hard-to-reach areas such as dehydrators or dryers, thereby allowing you to precisely control temperature and dehydration times.

Capteur d'humidité

Smart Valves

Valve Intelligente (Sans-Fil)

Our smart valves feature manual or remote control capabilities and can open and close pipes measuring 0.5″ to 3″ in diameter. During normal operations, these valves let you start or stop a cooling or transfilling operation whenever needed, either manually or with your mobile device. In an emergency, they allow you to cut off the water or glycol supply in a defective circuit, even kilometres away from the actual manufacturing site.


Motion Detectors

Our wireless motion detectors sense the presence of a worker in different areas of your brewery to provide you with an overall view of the operations and the specific time at which certain key manoeuvres took place. 

Détecteur de mouvement (Sans-Fil)

Leak Detectors

Détecteur de fuite (Sans-Fil)

Our liquid leak detectors are discrete, inexpensive and can be installed at several locations where water or glycol pipes are found. They detect liquid inside a wall or on a floor. They enable you to react quickly to unexpected leaks caused by a pipe breach or pump malfunction, saving you thousands of dollars in damages. 


Wireless Access Points

Our powerful wireless access points (WAPs) can be used to collect data from an infinite number of sensors over hundreds of metres, even kilometres. They connect with the Internet through a single network cable or Wi-Fi. In many cases, only one WAP is all you need. 


Web and Mobile Applications

Application Web et Mobile

With Altus Web and mobile applications, you can access every one of your sensors in real time. You can check the status of your production line from anywhere and at any time, giving you peace of mind or the ability to intervene quickly when necessary. You can download the data from all of your sensors for more in-depth analyses whenever you need to, e.g. to monitor temperature curves during the fermentation process. 


Central Alarm Stations

An Altus alarm system will send you an email or text alert whenever a critical event occurs. For example, when the beer reaches the ideal bottling temperature, a problem occurs with the glycol cooling system or a leak is detected. Several individuals can receive the same alert or be alerted based on the nature or severity of the incident. You will receive a weekly report summarizing any incidents that have occurred. 

Centrale d'Alarmes SMS

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