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All our sensors communicate wirelessly and offer several years of battery life. They are affordable, easy to install and require no connection. Click here to find out more…


Web and Mobile Applications

Application Web et Mobile

With Altus Web and mobile applications, you can access every one of your sensors in real time. You can check the status of your production line from anywhere and at any time, giving you peace of mind or the ability to intervene quickly when necessary. You can download the data from all of your sensors for more in-depth analyses whenever you need to, e.g. to monitor temperature curves during the fermentation process. 


Central Alarm Stations

An Altus alarm system will send you an email or text alert whenever a critical event occurs. For example, when the beer reaches the ideal bottling temperature, a problem occurs with the glycol cooling system or a leak is detected. Several individuals can receive the same alert or be alerted based on the nature or severity of the incident. You will receive a weekly report summarizing any incidents that have occurred. 

Centrale d'Alarmes SMS

Who are we?

Altus was born out of the passion of its founders for technology and good food. We use wireless, Web and 4.0 technology to automate and enable tablet and mobile device supervision of the various stages in food processing. Our mission is to develop smart production in order to increase quality, reduce waste and downtimes, and maximize production.

In our vision for the future, more standardized and smarter production systems can minimize situations requiring human intervention on the production line. A single person can supervise more than one production online, even kilometres away from the physical production site. The production chain is also more flexible and adapts quickly and easily to new products. The result: businesses can spend more time creating and developing new products, and their recipes can be produced at more than one location.

Although more work needs to be done, Altus strives every day to make this vision a reality.


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